Premium Screened Topsoil


Our Premium topsoil is sourced from dark loamy land and is screened to 10mm

Supplied in bulk bags or loose

Premium Screened topsoil is sourced from quality loam, screened to 10mm and is suitable for flower beds, a base for turf, planters and many other areas around the garden, it is fantastic for vegetable patches as it is highly fertile soil and rich in nutrients.

Delivered throughout Colchester, Essex and Suffolk, our premium topsoil is sure to please, we are sure you won’t be able to find better, this is a rich dark free draining loam with guaranteed consistency of quality, this topsoil is a joy to use when used as a base for leveling prior to turfing as it’s fine texture makes it very easy to rake.

Freshly Screened topsoil avalable from the areas specialists in screened soil, we do not keep huge stockpiles of topsoil, which means all our screened products arrive to you freshly screened and free of any lumps over 10mm

Available mixed with our soil conditioner to use in large tubs and pots.

  • Supplied in bulk bags containing 550 litres
  • Also available delivered loose (please phone for prices)